Why Join the AESA?

The AESA is intended to be an organisation that represents all stakeholders in the electricity supply industry in Africa and it is not solely a trade association for energy storage companies. Membership is open to private companies, national utilities, Independent Power Producers, equipment manufacturers, academic institutions and individuals.

Membership in the Association is free and open to all.

The AESA provides a platform for its members in the following areas:


AESA is the only association in Africa that is solely dedicated to advancing the deployment of energy storage in the electricity supply industry in Africa. Membership in AESA provides you with the opportunity to influence the role that energy storage can play in Africa's power landscape.


Membership in the AESA creates opportunities for collaboration between member companies and is a means to learn more about specific energy storage technologies or  opportunities for deployment in specific countries.

Business Opportunities

Our members will be among the first to learn about opportunities to deploy energy storage solutions through tenders and other solicitations.

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